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Free American History Trivia Questions with Answers

Lots of questions and answers about American Trivia. Robert E. Lee, Clyde Barrow, American Indians, San Francisco Earthquake, Abraham Lincoln, and Lewis & Clark.

What were Robert E. Lee's dying words?
A: "Strike the tent".

How many bullet holes did lawmen put in Clyde Barrow's car when they ambushed and killed him and his gangster girlfriend Bonnie Parker in 1934?
A: They counted 106.

Which of the contiguous 48 states was the last to be explored?
A: Idaho, which was first visited by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in 1805 during their famous expedition across America.

What are the six flags that have flown over Texas.
A: The flags of Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, and the U.S..

Where is the best place to look for free American history trivia questions with answers?
A: Trivia Country!

Columbus had three ships on his first exploration of America. How many were under his command on his second expedition?
A: Seventeen.

How did the American Indian brave shave?
A: With clam shells, which he used as tweezers.

How did the Pilgrims celebrate New Year's Day?
A: They didn't. They considered it a blasphemous reverence for the Roman god Janus, for whom the month of January is named. The Pilgrims referred to January as First Month.

How many days did the historic civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, take?
A: Five days.

According to poetic legend, Lizzie Borden used her ax to give her mother 40 whacks and her father 41. How many whacks did the police actually accuse her of delivering?
A: Dad, 10; step mom, 19. But Lizzie was acquitted at her trial for the 1892 double slaying.

What does Apache chief Geronimo's Indian name---Goyathlay--mean in English?
A: One who yawns. He was given the name Geronimo--Spanish for Jerome--by Mexicans.

What have 70% of Americans done visited?
A:  Disneyland / world

In 1979, Curtis Sliwa founded what organization?
 A: Guardian Angels

Readers Digest uses what as its logo?
A:  Pegasus  (winged horse)

What phobia did Thomas Edison have?
A: The Dark

Lindberg  is the name of the airport serving what city in California?
A:  San Diego

National Geographic was the first magazine to publish what on its cover?
A: A hologram

Wankers Corner is located in which American State?
A:  Oregon

Thirty three percent of the blondes in America are what?
A: Fake

In Enterprise Alabama a monument to which insect was erected?
A: The Boll weevil.  It resulted in better crops than cotton

What was Rudolf the red nosed reindeers girlfriends name?
A:  Clarissa

How long did the April 18, 1906, earthquake in an Francisco last?
A: 48 seconds. The San Francisco earthquake of 1989 lasted 15 seconds.

What were the dimensions of the "Star Spangled Banner" Francis Scott Key saw flying over Baltimore's Fort McHenry "by the dawn's early light" almost 185 years ago?
A: 30 feet by 42 feet.  The fort's commander had it made that large so "the British will have no difficulty in seeing it from a distance."

What size was the first footprint on the moon--the one made by astronaut Neil Armstong when he took his historic "one small step for man" on July 20,1969?
A: It was 13 inches by 6 inches--the dimensions of Armstrong's boot.  The exterior shell is the same size for all the astronauts' boots.

What were the police in Atlantic City, New jersey, craking down on when they arrested 42 men on the beachin1935?
A: Topless swimsuits on men.

What is Mary E. Surratt's significance in U.S. history?
A: She was the first woman executed by hanging.  A military panel convicted her of conspiracy in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Her guilt, however, is still in question.

What did famed bank robber Charles Arthur "Pretty boy" Floyd do whenever he pulled off a job, which made him a hero to many people?
A: He destroyed all first mortgages he could find on the chance they had not been recorded, and tossed money out of the window of his getaway car.

How many children did Mormon Leader Brigham Young have?
A: 57, with 16 of his 27 wives.