Fun Animal Trivia Quiz Questions


To be considered a "Royal", a Stag must have how many points on its antlers?
A: 12 point antlers

What insect  comes in the types Paper,  Porter, Dresser , and Mud Dauber ?
A:  Wasp

The Italian Chianina is recognized as being the oldest breed of wht?
A: Cattle

What do you call a group of  Woodcocks?
A:  A Fall

Where can you locat the best fun animal trivia quiz questions with answers?
A: Trivia Country!

The three toed sloth only does what about  every 10 days?
A: Has a bowel movement

Turkeys originated in what country?

Cher Ami saved the Lost Battalion in 1918.  What was it?
A:  Pigeon

The Elkhound originates from what country?
A:  Norway

What do you call a group of swans?
A:  Herd or Bevy

What is the name of the smallest butterfly?
A:  A Pygmy Blue

The cartoon animal, Scooby Do, is what breed of dog?
A: A Great Dane

What kind of animal has rectangular pupils?
A:  Goat

What does a hotwalker do?
A:  Walks a hot racehorse

What pet did Florence Nightingale carry around with her in her pocket?
A:  An Owl

Octopus blood is what color?
A:  Blue

In 1995 what fish was the subject of a dispute between Spain and Canada ?
A: Turbot

When his horse Aaron died, what did D H Laurence do with it?
A: He had the skin made into a Duffel Bag

What would you be watching if you saw a round or waggledance?
A:  Honey Bees

Where on a whale are its nipples?
A: On its back

The only creature born with horns is a what?
A:  Giraffe

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