Religious Beliefs and Ideas - Trivia questions with answers

Which religion supports the caste system?
A: Hinduism.

Who is the Roman counterpart of the Greek god Zeus?
A: Jupiter.

Who is the exiled leader of Tibet?
A: Dali Lama.

What is the alternative name of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?
A: The Mormon church.

Who was the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire?
A: Charlemagne.

The members of which Christian sect have no ministers or priests, and gather for worship in a Meeting House?
A: Quakers / Society of Friends.

Who was the Egyptian god of the underworld?
A: Osiris.

In which Christian creed is the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity spelt out?
A: Which ancient Greek philosopher thought that knowledge emerges through dialogue and systematic questioning?
A: Socrates.

What is the stage before full sainthood?
A: Beatification.

Where did St. Bernadette experience a vision of the Virgin Mary in 1858?
A: Lourdes.

Which Christian religious order was founded by Ignatius Loyola?
A: Jesuits.

Which American politician defined the Four Freedoms?
A: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Digambaras and the Swetambaras are the main sects of which religion?
A: Jainism.

Who is known as the 'Black Pope'?
A: The head of the Jesuits.

What event does the Jewish festival Hanukkah celebrate?
A: The recapture and rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem.

Which archbishop holds the official title 'Primate of England'?
A: Archbishop of York.

Who was the son of Jesse, father of Solomon and second king of Israel?
A: David.

What was the name of King Arthur's seat?
A: Camelot.

Who was the Norse god of thunder?
A: Thor.

What was the language spoken 2,000 years ago in Palestine?
A: Aramaic.

Which of Jesus' disciples was the treasurer?
A: Judas Iscariot.

How many Noble Truths does Buddhism recognize?
A: Four.

What is the name for the slender tower from which Moslems are called to prayer?
A: Minaret.

To which religion is the Ganges the most sacred river?
A: Hindu.

In which religion do men take the last name 'Singh' and women 'Kaur'?
A: Sikhism.

The followers of which religion observe the Sabbath from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday?
A: Judaism.

In which religion did the sect the Digambaras originally go about naked?
A: Jainism.

In Buddhism, what is the name for the attainment of perfect serenity, achieved when all desires are eradicated?
A: Nirvana.

In which far Eastern country was the Unification Church (Moonies) founded in 1954?
A: Korea.

In Eastern systems of teaching what is the opposite principle of nature to Yin?
A: Yang.

What is the highest title in the Shi'ite sect of Islam?
A: Ayatollah.

What, in Hinduism, is the sum of a person's actions, which affects his or her fate in their next life?
A: Karma.

In Greek mythology, who was the nymph who pined away until only her voice remained?
A: Echo.

What was the name of the prophet on whose book Joseph Smith founded the Church of Latter-day Saints?
A: Mormon.

In the Old Testament, who married his cousins Leah and Rachel?
A: Jacob.

Who put forward the theory of the 'collective unconscious'?
A: Carl Gustav Jung.

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