Animal Trivia Quiz Questions


A sheep, duck, and rooster were the world's first passengers in a what?
A:  hot air balloon ?

What was the name of Dr Dolittle’s Parrot?
A:  Polynesia

Laika was the name of the first ever dog to do what?
A:  Get sent into space

Karakul, Texel, and Romney Marsh are different kinds of what?
A:  Sheep

Where is the best place to look for animal trivia quiz questions?
A: Trivia Country!

A giraffes tongue is what color?
A: Black

A Scomber Scombrus is what type of fish?
A: Mackerel

Who was the owner of the film star Lassie?
A:  Sam Barraclough

A goat sucker is what type of creature?
A:  A Bird

What is another name for the bird Didus Ineptus ?
A: The Dodo

What is a camels dude?
A: Its sex organ

What do you call a group of Donkeys?
A:  A pace

Great Danes come from what European country?
A:  Germany

Manu National Park Peru has 1300 different species of what?
A:  Butterfly

A cat is feline but and a rabbit is a what?
A: Leporine

What is a percoid?
A:  A type of bony fish

What creature can live for the longest period without any water?
A:  Rats

In the Maori language, what does Kaka mean?
A: Parrot

What was Lord Byron's dogs name?
A:  Boatswain

A cow moos , a rooster crows and an ape does what?
A: Jibber

What do you call a group of Frogs?
A:  An Army

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