General knowledge trivia questions


A lateral curvature of the spine is called what?
 A: Scoliosis.

A famous rock group took their name from a song by blues great Muddy Waters. What was the group?
A: The Rolling Stones.

General Motors topped what list in 1990?
A: Fortune 500.

What popular actress  appeared in General Hospital from 1981 to 1983?
 A: Demi Moore.

Out of Africa was a movie with Meryl Streep and based on the novel by whom?
A: Karen Blixen.

The song "Food, Glorious Food" was featured in what musical?
A: Oliver.

The first nation to ratify the United Nations charter in 1945 was which country?
 A: Nicaragua.

Who won an Oscar for Cactus Flower?
 A: Goldie Hawn.

What author wrote the book White Fang?
 A: Jack London.

What were the nymphs in Greek mythology called that were the guardian spirits of the sea?
A: Nereids.

The first Beatle to be widowed was whom?
 A: Paul McCartney.

Which one of Frank Sinatra's wives starred in Peyton Place?
 A: Mia Farrow.

Which Russian dissident, previously a physicist involved in the development of nuclear weapons, became a dissident under Communist rule?
 A: Andrei Sakharov.

"You let a bully come into your front yard, and the next day he'll be on your porch?" was a statement by which U.S. President?
A: Lyndon Johnson.

After a mere 33 days in office, what Pope died in 1978?
 A: John Paul I.

When his powerboat went out of control which Princess's husband was killed in 1990?
 A: Caroline.

Michael Jackson's album "Bad" was produced by which Quincy?
 A: Jones.

What was the first record label that Michael Jackson recorded on?
A: Motown.

Which one of the cast of the TV show Friends starred in Lost in space?
A:  Matt LeBlanc.

Alex Baldwin has what Roman numeral after his name?

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