Kids Trivia


What kind of birds are the only ones able to fly backwards?
 A: Hummingbirds.

The Wicked Queen gives Snow White what to render her comatose?
A: An apple

The name of Dr. Seuss's egg-hatching elephant is what?
 A: Horton.

 What do fish use their gills for?
 A: To absorb oxygen from the water.

Which part of a beetle's body is a skeleton?
 A: The outside.

What kind of mammal constructs a lodge where it stores food, rears young, and passes the winter?
A: Beaver.

Which atmospheric gas is the most common?
 A: Nitrogen.

What is it that prevents the earth's atmosphere from drifting away into space?
 A: Gravity.

How long does it take for the Earth to spin once on its axis?
 A: One day.

From which film came Circle of Life?
 A: The Lion King

The design stamped on each side of an Oreo cookie has how many flowers?
 A: Twelve. Each as four petals.

In the cartoon Peanuts, what color is Woodstock the bird?
 A: Yellow.

In which story does the heroine Dorothy make a journey along a yellow brick road?
 A: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The Heisman Trophy is presented in which sport?
 A: Football.

The hole in the ozone layer formed over which continent?
A: Antarctica.

What does the F stand for in FBI?
 A: Federal.

"Chug, chug, chug. Puff, puff, puff ", begins what famous book?
 A: The Little Engine that Could.

Every time he tells a lie what happens to Pinocchio?
 A: His nose grows longer.

Magic used with evil intent is given what name?
A: Black Magic.

What kind of animal appeared in the movie Free Willy?
 A: Whale.