Multiple Choice Trivia Quiz - Answers At Bottom Of page

  1. What African country is the Central Kalahari Game Reserve located in?
    A. Botswana
    B. Nigeria
    C. South Africa
    D. Kenya

  2. What is the function served by the Paris building known as the Sorbonne?
    A. hospital
    B. school
    C. museum
    D. theater

  3. Which one of the following countries is not known as one of the Baltic states?
    A. Albania
    B. Estonia
    C. Latvia
    D. Lithuania

  4. Which one of the following countries was not one of Germany's allies?
    A. Italy
    B. Bulgaria
    C. Turkey
    D. Austria-Hungary

  5. The Gunpowder Plot conspirators tried to kill what ruler along with members of Parliament in 1605?
    A. Charles I
    B. Elizabeth I
    C. Henry VIII
    D. James I

  6. Who enters the annual Van Cliburn International  Competition?
    A. chefs
    B. chess players
    C. pianists
    D. squash players

  7. The surrender of Germany in 1945 ended the Third Reich, when did the Second Reich end?
    A. 1453
    B. 1871
    C. 1918
    D. 1933

  8. By the time Nelson Mandela was freed in 1990, how long had he been in prison?
    A. 7 years
    B. 17 years
    C. 27 years

  9. Violeta Barrios de Chamorro defeated whom in a 1989 presidential election?
    A. Alfredo Cristiani
    B. Daniel Ortega
    C. Jose Sarney

  10. Which of the following countries does not border Israel?
    A. Egypt
    B. Jordan
    C. Saudi Arabia
    D. Syria

  11. What European capital city is located at the mouth of the Liffey River?
    A. Amsterdam
    B. Copenhagen
    C. Dublin

  12. Ulan Bator is the capital of what country?
    A. Madagascar
    B. Mali
    C. Mongolia

  13. Austria and which other country are connected by the Brenner Pass?
    A. Hungary
    B. Italy
    C. Switzerland

  14. Mount Erebus is what?
    A. an active volcano in the Antarctica
    B. an underwater peak off Greece that is a hazard to Mediterranean shipping
    C. a nearly 17,000-foot peak on the Iran-Turkey border, where Noah's Ark  may have landed.

  15. Who wrote some of the Flash Gordon comic strips that appeared in Europe during World War II?
    A. Buster Crabbe
    B. Charles DeGaulle
    C. Federico Fellini
    D. Hermann Hesse

  16. When added together, which two countries have over 90 percent of the world's platinum reserves?
    A. Australia and south Africa
    B. Canada and the United States
    C. South Africa and the Soviet Union

  17. What two countries border the Dead Sea?
    A. Israel and Egypt
    B. Israel and Jordan
    C. Jordan and Saudi Arabia

  18. What industry supplies Botswana with more than 75% of its total revenue?
    A. cattle
    B. coffee
    C. diamonds
    D. tourism

  19. Jack the Ripper terrorized what city in the 19th century?
    A. Belfast
    B. London
    C. New York
    D. San Francisco

  20. The United Nations had 51 members when i was founded in 1945. How many members does it have now?
    A. 59
    B. 109
    C. 159




  1. A. Botswana
  2. B. school
  3. A. Albania
  4. D. Austria-Hungary
  5. D. James I
  6. C. pianists
  7. C. 1918
  8. C. 27 years
  9. B. Daniel Ortega
  10. C. Saudi Arabia
  11. C. Dublin
  12. C. Mongolia
  13. B. Italy
  14. C. a nearly 17,000-foot peak on the Iran-Turkey border, where Noah's Ark  may have landed.
  15. C. Federico Fellini
  16. C. South Africa and the Soviet Union
  17. B. Israel and Jordan
  18. C. diamonds
  19. B. London
  20. C. 159