Multiple Choice Trivia Quiz - Answers At Bottom Of page
  1. What year did cigarette commercials stop appearing on TV?
    A. 1971
    B. 1966
    C. 1977
    D. 1980

  2. What city has served twice as host of the modern Winter Olympic Games?
    A. Innsbruck, Austria
    B. Lake Placid, New York
    C. St. Moritz, Switzerland
    D. all of the above

  3. In a quarter-mile race, which animal can be expected to win?
    A. Lion
    B. pronghorn antelope
    C. giraffe
    D. quarter horse

  4. In the 1972 chess tournament held in Reykjavik, Iceland, who did Bobby Fischer defeat?
    A. Tigran Petrosian
    B. Anatoly Karpov
    C. Gary Kasparov
    D. Boris Spassky

  5. What are The Footballer, The Card Party, Wedding Breakfast at the Eiffel Tower, and the Filling Station all titles of?
    A. French paintings
    B. op record albums
    C. short stories by O'Henry
    D. ballets

  6. Whose real name was Thomas Lanier Williams?
    A. Robin Williams
    B. Ted Williams
    C. Andy Williams
    D. Tennessee Williams

  7. Which golfer won the British Open and the Masters two times during the period from 1987 to 1990?
    A. Scott Hoch
    B. Nick Faldo
    C. Curtis Strange
    D. Greg Norman

  8. In 1988, 18 to 24-year-olds from which of the following countries had the worst average score in an international  geographic  test given by the National Geographic Society and the Gallup Organization?
    A. Mexico
    B. Norway
    C. France
    D. United States

  9. What is the traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary?
    A. emerald
    B.  diamond
    C. ruby
    D. sapphire

  10. What are Kirin, Sapporo, Asahi, and Suntory?
    A.  four Japanese car makers
    B. four dangerous creatures of mythology
    C. four styles of Japanese art
    D. four brands of Japanese beer

  11. A group of lions is called a "pride". What word would be used to describe a group of crows?
    A. a colony
    B. a barn
    C. a murder
    D. a flock

  12. What is a fandango?
    A. a dance
    B. a food
    C. a hat
    D. a grass skirt

  13. A golfer is permitted to use an assortment of no more than how many clubs in a regulation round?
    A. 14
    B. 12
    C. 10
    D. 8

  14. In the year 1900, which of the following did not take place?
    A. the first Barnum & Bailey's circus
    B. the first College Board Scholastic Aptitude tests
    C. the first launching of a rigid airship by Ferdinand von Zeppelin
    D. the first Davis Cup tennis match between the U.S. and Great Britain

  15. Which member of the Ivy League was founded under the name King's College?
    A. Brown
    B. Columbia
    C. Cornell
    D. Dartmouth

  16. What item in some states is required to show a triangle, a number, and the letters "PETE," "HDPE," "LDPE," "PP,"  or "PS"?
    A. glass jars
    B. metal cans
    C. plastic bottles

  17. In what field are the NoRMA awards give for excellence?
    A. Broadway plays
    B. newspaper advertising
    C. TV reporting

  18. Malcolm Forbes held a 70th birthday party for 600 guests in 1989.  Where did he hold it?
    A. Calcutta, India
    B. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    C. Tangier, Morocco

  19. The Peace Corps had its greatest number of volunteers in which year?
    A. 1966
    B. 1976
    C. 1986

  20. When Mt. Pelee erupted it killed 40,000 people. On what island is Mt. Pelee located?
    A. Hawaii
    B. Java
    C. Martinique
    D. Sicily



  1. A. 1971
  2. D. all of the above
  3. B. pronghorn antelope
  4. D. Boris Spassky
  5. D. ballets
  6. D. Tennessee Williams
  7. B. Nick Faldo
  8. D. United States
  9. C. ruby
  10. D. four brands of Japanese beer
  11. C. a murder
  12. A. a dance
  13. A. 14
  14. A. the first Barnum & Bailey's circus
  15. B. Columbia
  16. C. plastic bottles
  17. B. newspaper advertising
  18. C. Tangier, Morocco
  19. A. 1966
  20. C. Martinique