Multiple Choice Food Trivia Questions

  1. Which of the following vegetables is not one of the ingredients of V-8 juice?
    A. beet
    B. carrot
    C. spinach
    D. cabbage

  2. What is the main ingredient in vichyssoise?
    A. lima beans
    B. clams
    C. tomatoes
    D. potatoes

  3. What country produces the most potatoes?
    A. China
    B. United States
    C. Ireland
    D. Russia

  4. What soft-drink company introduced the brand Slice?
    A. Dr. Pepper
    B. Coca Cola
    C. Seven Up
    D. Pepsico

  5. According to a 1980s Beverage Media poll of four hundred bartenders, what is the average male customers favorite drink?
    A. beer
    B. bourbon
    C. scotch
    D. vodka

  6. According to a 1980s Beverage Media poll of four hundred bartenders, what was the female customers favorite drink?
    A. beer
    B. margarita
    C. peach schnapps and orange juice
    D. white wine

  7. Simplesse is NutraSweet's fat substitute.  What is it made of?
    A. a blend of proteins from egg white and milk
    B. fat molecules altered to be too large to digest
    C. molecules that are the mirror-image of normal fat molecules

  8. Which grade of olive oil is considered the best?
    A. extra virgin
    B. pure virgin
    C. superfine virgin

  9. What vegetable has varieties known as Bell Tower, Orobelle, and Jupiter?
    A. Onion
    B. pepper
    C. squash

  10. In the drink called a zombie, what is the main alcoholic ingredient?
    A. beer
    B. brandy
    C. rum
    D. whiskey

  11. Of the following dishes, which are not typically made with some kind of seafood?
    A. Bouillabaisse
    B. osso buco
    C. fritto misto
    D. tempura

  12. Which of the following ingredients are not used in a Bloody Mary according to Playboy Bar Guide?
    A. ketchup
    B. sugar
    C. Tabasco sauce
    D. Worcestershire sauce

  13. Which of the following compounds have not been approved for use in the U.S. as an artificial sweetener?
    A. acesulfame K
    B. acetaminophen
    C. aspartame
    D. saccharine

  14. The original Bellini was a mixture of sparkling Italian white wine and what type of fruit juice?
    A. apple
    B. orange
    C. peach
    D. pomegranate

  15. The sandwich known as the "Reuben" does not have which of the following ingredients?
    A. boiled ham
    B. corned Beef
    C. sauerkraut
    D. Swiss Cheese

  16. Marzipan is made with what kind of nut?
    A. almond
    B. cashew
    C. pecan
    D. walnut

  17. Which of the following is not a favorable adjective when discussing wine?
    A. fat
    B. flinty
    C. leggy
    D. vigorous

  18. Of all commercial cooking oils, which of these is highest in polyunsaturates  and lowest in saturated fat?
    A. coconut oil
    B. corn oil
    C. olive oil
    D. safflower oil

  19. In the United States, about how much beer does the average person drink each year?
    A. 24 pints
    B. 24 quarts
    C. 24 gallons

  20. Europeans first learned of chocolate from whom?
    A. Africans
    B. Aztecs
    C. East Indians




  1. D. cabbage
  2. D. potatoes
  3. A. China
  4. B. Coca Cola
  5. A. beer
  6. D. white wine
  7. A. a blend of proteins from egg white and milk
  8. A. extra virgin
  9. B. pepper
  10. C. rum
  11. B. osso buco
  12. B. sugar
  13. B. acetaminophen
  14. C. peach
  15. A. boiled ham
  16. A. almond
  17. A. fat
  18. D. safflower oil
  19. C. 24 gallons
  20. B. Aztecs