Multiple Choice Trivia Questions


  1. The Moon of Barods, a diamond that Marilyn Monroe wore when singing "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" in the film Gentlemen prefer Blondes, was auctioned off at Christies for how much in 1990?
    A. $97,000
    B. $297,000
    C. $497,000
    D. $797,000

  2. Which one of these Academy Awards did Gone With the Wind not win?
    A. best actor
    B. best actress
    C. best picture
    D. best supporting actor

  3. Which one of these talented actors did not star in the 1989 movie "Family Business"?
    A. Sean Connery
    B. Matthew Broderick
    C. Dustin Hoffman
    D. Tom Cruise

  4. In the 1933 movie where May West spoke the line "Come up and see me sometime" , called She Done Him Wrong, who was her co-star?
    A. W.C. Fields
    B. Cary Grant
    C. James Stewart
    D. John Wayne

  5. Clint Eastwood gave us the immortal line, "Go ahead... make my day", in what film?
    A. Dirty Harry
    B. Magnum Force
    C. Sudden Impact
    D. Tightrope

  6. In the 1951 science fiction movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, what was the name of the robot?
    A. Gort
    B. Klaatu
    C. Robby

  7. Jack Walsh and Jonathan Mardukas  are the names of the two main characters in what movie?
    A. Midnight Cowboy
    B. Midnight Express
    C. Midnight Run

  8. What is the film crew's chief electrician called?
    A. big L
    B. gaffer
    C. sparks

  9. After winning the 1988 Oscar, who said "I never thought I'd have a nomination... I never thought anybody ever took any of my pictures seriously"?
    A. Cher
    B. Jodie Foster
    C. Shirley Maclaine

  10. In the 1946 movie "The She-Wolf of London", who played the title role?
    A. Eva Gabor
    B. Boris Karloff
    C. June Lockhart

  11. In the Dirty Harry movies starring Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry, what was Harry's last name?
    A. Callahan
    B. Flint
    C. Harrigan
    D. Steele

  12. Blondie's " Call Me" , a number one hit for her, was the theme song of which film?
    A. American Gigolo
    B. An Officer and a Gentleman
    C. Sorry, Wrong Number

  13. How much of his own money did Francis Ford Coppola put up to finish the movie  "Apocalypse Now" when it ran wildly over budget?
    A.  $1 million
    B.  $6 million
    C.  $16 million
    D.  $25 million

  14. What was the name of the last movie that John Wayne appeared in?
    A. The Green Berets
    B. The Shootist
    C. True Grit

  15. In the Friday the 13th movies, what is the name of the masked killer?
    A. Freddy
    B. Jason
    C. He has no name

  16. What  1987 film was based on a novel called The Short Timers by Gustav Hasford?
    A. Angel Heart
    B. Broadcast News
    C. Fatal Attraction
    D. Full Metal Jacket

  17. Which of the following actors has the middle name "DeForest"?
    A. Humphrey Bogart
    B. James Cagney
    C. Clint Eastwood
    D. Burt Lancaster

  18. What was the name of the island on which King Kong was discovered in the original 1933 movie?
    A. Ape Island
    B. Borneo
    C. Monster Island
    D. Skull Island

  19. In the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which pair of genetically similar characters perform a piano duet?
    A. Bambi and Bullwinkle
    B. Donald Duck and Daffy Duck
    C. Garfield and Sylvester
    D. Speedy Gonzales and Minnie Mouse

  20. Julie Andrews won the Academy Award for  best actress in what film?
    A. Mary Poppins
    B. The Sound of Music
    C. Victor/Victoria



  1. B. $297,000
  2. A. best actor
  3. D. Tom Cruise
  4. B. Cary Grant
  5. A. Dirty Harry
  6. A. Gort
  7. C. Midnight Run
  8. B. gaffer
  9. B. Jodie Foster
  10. C. June Lockhart
  11. A. Callahan
  12. A. American Gigolo
  13. C.  $16 million
  14. B. The Shootist
  15. B. Jason
  16. D. Full Metal Jacket
  17. A. Humphrey Bogart
  18. D. Skull Island
  19. B. Donald Duck and Daffy Duck
  20. A. Mary Poppins