Multiple Choice Trivia Quiz - Answers At Bottom Of page

  1. A 1998 study suggests that which of the following explorers reached the North Pole?
    A. Roald Amundsen
    B. Robert E. Peary
    C. William Barents
    D. Adam Sound
  2. History students are taught about the "the fall of Constantinople" in 1453. to who did it fall?
    A. Christian crusaders
    B. Mongol hordes
    C. Ottoman Turks
    D. Romans
  3. Catherine the Great ruled what country?
    A. England
    B. France
    C. Germany
    D. Russia
  4. What was the next state after the original 13 to be admitted to the United States?
    A. Florida
    B. Kentucky
    C. Vermont
    D. West Virginia
  5. Which of these four wise men died before the other three were born?
    A. Confucius
    B. Plato
    C. Jesus
    D. Solomon
  6. The Creoles of today's New Orleans are descended from whom?
    A. French Canadians from Nova Scotia
    B. French and Spanish settlers who lived in the city
    C. refugees from the Crimean War
    D. none of the above
  7. George Washington is called the father of our country, but how many kids did Mr. Washington really have?
    A. 0
    B. 1
    D. 7
  8. William Rehnquist as chief justice of the Supreme Court was preceded by whom?
    A. Earl Warren
    B. Abe Fortas
    C. Warren Burger
    D. Clarence Thomas
  9. What were the first names of the famous explorers Lewis and Clark?
    A. Clark and Lewis
    B. John and Lincoln
    C. Benjamin and Samuel
    D. Meriwether and William
  10. Manuel Noriega took refuge in whose embassy after the U.S. invasion of Panama City in 1989?
    A. Cuba
    B. Switzerland
    C. Vatican City
    D. Nicaragua
  11. On the island nation formerly known as Ceylon, Tamil separatists have been conducting attacks against the Sinhalese majority. what is the name of the country?
    A. Cyprus
    B. Seychelles
    C. Madagascar
    D. Sri Lanka
  12. Where was the UN headquarters located prior to them moving to Manhattan's East Side?
    A. San Francisco
    B. Long Island, New York
    C. Geneva, Switzerland
    D. Paris, France
  13. Which American commander said, "I have not yet begun to fight"?
    A. David Farragut
    B. John Paul Jones
    C. George Dewey
    D. Oliver Hazard Perry
  14. John Brown of Civil War fame was which?
    A. an abolitionist
    B. a slave
    C. a slave-owner
    D. none of the above
  15. At the time of the Declaration of Independence what was the approximate  population of the United States?
    B. 200,000
    C. 2,000,000
    D. 20,000,000
  16. What frontier marshal was murdered in 1876 in Deadwood, South Dakota, by outlaw Jack McCall?
    A. Buffalo Bill Cody
    B. Matt Dillon
    C. Wild Bill Hickok
    D. Bat Masterson
  17. In what year did Wyatt Earp die?
    A. 1879
    B. 1889
    C. 1909
    D. 1929
  18. In what year did Leonard Kristensen of Norway lead the first party to land on the mainland of Antarctica?
    A. 1795
    B. 1845
    C. 1895
    D. 1945
  19. Three of the four following events took place in 1985, which one happened in 1982?
    A. Mikhail Gorbachev became the leader of the Soviet Union
    B. Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb's record of 4,191 career hits.
    C. Coca Cola replaced its formula to create a "new" Coke.
    D. Britain and Argentina fought a war over the Falkland Islands.
  20. Namibia became a colony of what European nation in 1890, under the name South-West Africa?
    A. Germany
    B. Great Britain
    C. The Netherlands
    D. Portugal



  1. B. Robert E. Peary
  2. C. Ottoman Turks
  3. D. Russia
  4. C. Vermont
  5. D. Solomon
  6. B. French and Spanish settlers who lived in the city
  7. A. 0
  8. C. Warren Burger
  9. D. Meriwether and William
  10. C. Vatican City
  11. D. Sri Lanka
  12. B. Long Island, New York
  13. B. John Paul Jones
  14. A. an abolitionist
  15. C. 2,000,000
  16. C. Wild Bill Hickok
  17. D. 1929
  18. C. 1895
  19. D. Britain and Argentina fought a war over the Falkland Islands.
  20. A. Germany