Multiple Choice Trivia Questions

  1. What day time soap opera went off the air in 1989 after more than 13 years?
    A. Guiding Light
    B. Ryan's Hope
    C. One Life to Live
    D. The Edge of Night

  2. Through Jan. 1990, how many of the ten highest rated television shows of all time were Super Bowls?
    A. 1
    B. 5
    C. 9

  3. Which of the following roles did the actor Jim Backus not play?
    A. the cartoon voice of Mr. Magoo
    B. "I" on the 1950s Television series I Married Joan.
    C. Thurston Howell III on the 1960s TV series Gilligan's Island
    D. the voice of Charlie on the 1970s TV series Charlie's Angels

  4. What TV show was the first ever to be watched by over 50 million homes in the United States?
    A. Part VIII of Roots in 1977
    B. the "Who Shot J.R. ?" episode of Dallas in 1980
    C. the M*A*S*H special final episode in 1983
    D. Super Bowl XX in 1986

  5. In what state was Mayberry, the setting for the Andy Griffith Show?
    A. Georgia
    B. Indiana
    C. North Carolina
    D. Tennessee

  6. The street gang called "the Sweathogs" appeared on what TV series?
    A. Fame
    B. Room 222
    C. Welcome Back, Kotter
    D. The White Shadow

  7. On the old quiz show You Bet Your Life, what kind of bird was the custodian of the secret word?
    A. a chicken
    B. a duck
    C. a goose
    D. a robin

  8. Susan Lucci was nominated 10 times for a daytime Emmy Award in the 1980s. How many times did she win?
    A. 0
    B. 5
    C. 10

  9. Which one of the networks set a record in 1988-1989 by finishing first in weekly ratings for a full year?
    A. ABC
    B. CBS
    C. NBC

  10. In the final episode of the 60s Television show The Fugitive, who killed Dr. Richard Kimble's wife?
    A. a one-armed man
    B. Kimble himself
    C. Kimble's next-door neighbor

  11. Bugs Bunny borrowed the lines "Here I am!" and "He don't know me very well, do he?" from whom?
    A. Milton Berle
    B. Lou Costello
    C. Red Skelton

  12. In early 1989, after more than 13 years on the air, which soap opera went off the air?
    A. Guiding Light
    B. One Life to Live
    C. Ryan's Hope

  13. Private eye Ken Madison, played by Van Williams  played on two different TV series in two different cities. What were the names of the two series?
    A. Bourbon Street Beat and Surfside Six
    B. Hawaiian Eye and 77 Sunset Strip
    C. Magnum P.I. and Simon & Simon

  14. Which of these TV shows are not based in a town called Springfield?
    A. The Donna Reed Show
    B. Father Knows Best
    C. The Simpsons

  15. How much does it cost to buy a vowel on TV's Wheel of Fortune?
    A. $150
    B. $200
    C. $250

  16. Which former silent movie actress played Esmeralda Nugent on The Gale Storm Show in the late 1950s?
    A. Ethel Barrymore
    B. Fay Holden
    C. Zazu Pitts

  17. On Roseanne, the TV sitcom, what is her last name?
    A. Conner
    B. Denton
    C. Richards

  18. On the TV show "The Love Boat", Adam Bricker's job on the ship was what?
    A. bartender
    B. captain
    C. doctor
    D. social director

  19. The creatures known as "Fraggles" were created by whom?
    A. Lewis Carroll
    B. the Brothers Grimm
    C. Jim Henson
    D. Dr. Seuss

  20. On the long running TV drama, The Waltons, who was played by Michael Learned?
    A. Esther
    B. John-Boy
    C. Olivia
    D. Zeb


  1. B. Ryan's Hope
  2. C. 9
  3. D. the voice of Charlie on the 1970s TV series Charlie's Angels
  4. C. the M*A*S*H special final episode in 1983
  5. C. North Carolina
  6. C. Welcome Back, Kotter
  7. B. a duck
  8. A. 0
  9. C. NBC
  10. A. a one-armed man
  11. C. Red Skelton
  12. C. Ryan's Hope
  13. A. Bourbon Street Beat and Surfside Six
  14. A. The Donna Reed Show
  15. C. $250
  16. C. Zazu Pitts
  17. A. Conner
  18. C. doctor
  19. C. Jim Henson
  20. C. Olivia